Assembling the Dragon

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We give her wings, knowing
she will leave us. Knowing she

will take all this glorious bold
jade skin and match it to the sky.

We etch her scales with salt
and sea and sorrow and hope,

knowing she will ache and sing,
knowing she will conquer, smile.

We weave her teeth with words
and wind, knowing she will stretch

out tongue and taste the sour,
savor the sweet. We know she’ll

breathe fire, leave ash in her wake,
wake the dawn with her roar, score

the earth with her scorch-sting. We
feel her heat, her unsprung heart,

the way it stops and starts and fears
no thing. We play with light and dark

and quiet sparks and bright crimson and
small slow indigo sway. We know she’ll

love and hate us. We fold and form and
plant and poem and make her anyway.


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The Council Of Nicaea

The Council Of Nicaea

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th (11)I think most of Black people know that they are the most religious people on the Planet. They have given more and gotten less for their devotion than any other people, yet most still believe in that which was created by Europeans. Recently, Trump announced that a hundred black preachers from across the country plan to endorse him for president. If this does not tell you that donations, rather than pray works I don’t know what does. These people should be called traitors to both God and the black church.

The believers of the Christian faith faith is so devoted that most can’t see what’s in front of their face, and black people will out Pope the Pope! Interestingly enough, most of Christianity practiced was imposed upon black people was stolen from the African culture. I might add two things here: Jesus was not a Christian in his life and there…

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