Natural Dyes for Eggs

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The tradition of eggs, egg magic, and symbolism in the springtime is woven throughout history and culture.  Each thread carrying their own intention for the humble egg.  It is used in fertility magic, protection magic, and cleansing magic to name a few.   Eggs are used in healing in the case of Mal de Ojo, or the evil eye and to detect other such spiritual issues. Eggs are eaten for protein and for ritual; to bring in abundance and good fortune for the rebirth of the year in the spring.   Many cultures include traditions of dying eggs to enhance these energies and imbibe the egg with even greater spiritual significance.

Today, many of us will continue these traditions of dying and eating eggs to welcome in the spring and remember the old ways handed down to us. However, the modern world as gotten away from what is natural; very often, using…

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Equinox Ritual

Ethereal Nature

drummers, all in a circle
each one equidistant
upon this equinox
from the sacred center
each beating to the march
of their inner drum
a communion of resonance
percussion penetrating
all fibers of being

drumming to release
the constricting grip winter
drumming to invoke
the resurgent flow of spring
drumming to awaken
our indigenous souls

under a night sky
of wafer-thin clouds
backlit by a waning moon
the humble shaman
washes us in the smoke
of sacred herbs
that rises to kiss the heavens
where snow white wings
appear upon white clouds
tundra swans
in delta formation
the structure of change
we are awash in the ecstasy
of their musical call

honking to release
the constricting grip winter
honking to invoke
the resurgent flow of spring
honking to awaken
our indigenous souls

snow melts
as we pass through the veil
to place our yearning prayers
secure within that unfathomable well

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Translating #Cervantes400 into Arabic

Translating #Cervantes400 into Arabic


Just as the world will mark the 400th year since the death of Shakespeare, so we also mark the same the number of years since the death of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra:

By Shadi Rohana

cervantesNot only did the two authors mark world literature forever, but they also died on the same day in 1616, if on different calendars. Shakespeare died on “April 23rd” before Britain adopted the Gregorian calendar. For the Catholic world, which adopted the Gregorian calendar immediately in 1582, Shakespeare died on May 3rd — that is, 10 days after the death of Cervantes.

While it’s uncertain whether Cervantes knew of Shakespeare, Shakespeare certainly knew him. The title of one of Shakespeare’s lost plays — The History of Cardenio — clearly shows it. But what of Cervantes in Arabic?

Cervantes is the author of many novels, stories, poems and plays. However, in the Arabic language, Cervantes’ name is almost a synonym for that…

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